Member of the Scott Conveyancing Group

What is Conveyancing?

In Legal Terms, Conveyancing is the transfer of Real Property. It is where the rights, title and interest in land are transferred from one legal entity to another.

What We Do

  • Settlement for Sale & Purchase of Property
  • Transfers between Family Members & Defactos
  • Business Settlements
  • Private Contracts & Form 1
  • Registration on Titles for Marriages, 
  • Deaths & Change of Name
  • Community & Torrens Land Divisions
  • Farming & Rural Transfers
  • Preparation & Lodgement of Caveats Transmissions & Private Mortgages

  • Selling or Buying a Property?

    Taking the Hassle out of the Paperwork

    We do all the dealings with the Land Titles Office to ensure that the legal requirements are met in your property transaction. We also organise the documentation your financier will need. We liaise with Councils, SA Water, Revenue SA and other authorities to sort through rates, taxes and usage for you. Clients also find our Property Sale & Purchase ‘Information Packs’ an invaluable aspect of engaging our services. We make it as easy as possible!

  • Buying at Auctions

    We’ll Get You Ready to Buy!

    Going fully prepared is one of the most critical aspects of successfully purchasing a property at an auction. There’s a lot of information you’ll need to ensure that your auction purchase is a smooth one. We take clients through all the ins and outs of the auction process, including what is required of you if your bid is accepted, your rights and the Auction contract.

  • Transfer of Title Between Parties

    Family, Matrimonial & Domestic Partners

    There are many types of recognised relationships between parties, and each one has separate criteria attached to them when considering transferring interests in a property. Transferring of Titles can be a very complex issue and may involve consideration of GST, Capital Gains, Legal implications, Pensions or impact to other existing allowances. We’ll certainly make it easier for to understand every aspect.

  • Private Contracts

    Agreements Without an Agent

    There are times when a Seller and a Buyer happen to meet without the involvement of a Real Estate agent. The agreement the parties make will be in the form of a Private Contract. We are experts at Contract & Form Preparation and will take the hassle and the haggle out of the equation for you. We have streamlined processes and documentation to give you peace of mind that it’s all done properly.

  • Land Division & Community Titles

    Making Changes to Your Property

    You may be wanting to divide a parcel of land up into smaller lots, or combine Titles to form one larger lot. You may need to re-align your boundaries. We can help you through the process of making these changes to your property. We can also help you through understanding the implications to you of a Community Title - where you share some common property with neighbours as in apartment living, or with a shared driveway.

  • Amendments to Titles

    Updating the Title with Changes

    There can be a plethora of amendments to any Title. These can include an incorrect detail for the registered proprietor, change of name (marriage, divorce or personal preference), passing of a property to the Estate of the registered proprietor…the list goes on. We can help you update your property title when changes occur in your life that mean amendment is needed.

  • Title Protection

    Registering Other Interests on a Title

    A common registration of interest on a Title is the lending institution that has financed the Mortgage. Other registrations that may be included are Land Management Agreements & Development Encumberances. Family members loaning money to each other to assist in a property purchase can protect that loan through something called a Caveat. We’re happy to fill you in on the details.

  • Title Insurance

    Protect Your Ownership

    Many issues can arise following the purchase of a property - incorrect boundary alignment, undisclosed easment, unapproved developments to the property, neighbouring building encroaching on your property, identity theft. We’re able to discuss these potential issues and more under the First Title insurance policy cover.